About us

Beehive International School is a unique school that offers English language learning and instruction from an early age.

Our education of children begins from pre-nursery school-aged children, continues through kindergarten and then moves onto a fully bilingual educational program in our primary school. Teaching at each stage builds on the previous level and ensures the comprehensive development of the child in all areas of study.

In our school, we realize that education is a lifelong process. We strive to provide the best possible educational experiences for every child in our school. Our staff works hard to provide the best possible start for children in terms of his or her studies, physical and social development and emotional growth. We are aware that to achieve these objectives we need not only the best educational resources and materials, but also a special personal touch.

The philosophy of our school is simple:
"a happy student is a good student."

Experience throughout the years has taught us that our students thrive and are the happiest when they are supported in every aspect of their development. This simple philosophy allows our students to develop his or her self-confidence, work better as a team, be courteous to others and make learning easier and more fun.

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