Education in the English language from the early age.


The Pre-Nursery class is going to be the first step into the world of your child’s education. Such step will be an exciting adventure full of fun and new experiences.

The process of education for the youngest children at Beehive starts from the Pre-Nursery and passes through preschool. Interconnection of the Czech and the British curricula takes place since the lowest level of the educational system. As we use innovative methods of teaching, we ensure the comprehensive development of your child.

Introduction to the key areas of education is provided through structured and creative games, whereas our emphasis is put on social interaction and use of the English language.

Our goal is to ensure that your child's first memories of school will be filled with happiness and laughter that will last a lifetime.

The aim of the Pre-Nursery class is to apply the development program focused on the fostering of creativity in the form of specific activities, including:

  • Art develops spontaneous creativity of the children and strengthens their commitment to artistic expression.
  • Intellectual Education develops children’s cognitive skills, memory, attention, and the ability to give a speech. Children will approach the concepts of the nature, time, and the means of transport. Children will learn the objects of a daily usage and will be able to sort the items by size, color and shape. In addition, children will reproduce short rhymes.
  • Working Education develops basic skills and experiences with handling objects in the field of self-care. Soft and rough motoric skills according to the age: building blocks, beading, solving the puzzle, and working with the modeling material and glue. Children will learn to squeeze, pick, work with paper and screw. They will be capable of putting on and taking off the shoes, as well as lacing them up and buttoning/unbuttoning their pants.
  • Music encourages the children’s interest in music and develops their musical talents, including hearing, listening, and singing skills. They will improve their hearing abilities through playing on musical instruments such as chopsticks, sticks, drum, tambourine, and triangle. Music and physical education will align listening to music with movements.
  • Physical Education care for the safety and health of consolidation. Creates and develops the children’s positive attitude towards the physical activities.
  • Moral Education the aim is to universally secure the emotional needs of the child in the Pre-Nursery class: develops and strengthens the basic hygienic habits, helps maintain cleanliness, teaches how to greet and thank, while promoting friendly relationships between children and the respect for not only oneself, but for the others.

Představte si školu kde:


...Vaše dítě bylo schopno nejen komunikovat bilingvně, ale umět se bilingvně i rozhodovat a být aktivním členem globální společnosti?


...bylo Vaše dítě lépe připravené pro život, který začíná poté, co opustí lavice škol?


...bylo Vaše dítě připravené na studium na předních českých a zahraničních školách?

Who is our Pre-Nursery intended for?

The Pre-Nursery class is designed for children aged from 2 to 3 years of age.

The Beehive’s Pre-Nursery prepares children for the further education in preschool at Beehive International School.

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