Information on emergency closure measures

Dear parents,

you are probably already informed by the media about the new government order on the closure of primary, secondary and higher education institutions.

In connection with this regulation in the preschool education remains unrestricted, in elementary school from tomorrow (ie 11.3.2020) personal presence of all pupils is prohibited! The measure also applies to other events organized by the school.

The measure concerns full-time education, ie the whole education in primary schools. Where the conditions of the school and pupils or students allow it, it is possible to use the tools of "distance learning". We are currently asolving the situation connected to this regulation.

School canteen - will not provide school meals to pupils during this time

After-school club - will not be in operation during this period of validity of the measure

The measure is valid until further notice!

Thank you for your understanding.

Beehive team

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