Ivana Hurytov√°

Ivana studied Czech and English language and pedagogy at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. For more than fifteen years, she worked at the Jan Hus Educational Foundation, which focused on innovation in humanities. During this work, she became acquainted with a number of innovative projects and programs such as Start Together, Critical Thinking, Waldorf School, etc. She has a lot of experience in direct Czech language teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary education, including teaching Czech to foreigners at the International School of Prague. She taught at the College of Journalism for seven years. She is constantly looking for new ways to improve Czech language teaching, currently with the support of a strong scientific background at the Faculty of Education, Charles University, where she is studying for her PhD. Czech language is not only perceived as a summary of grammar rules, but above all as a tool of cultivated, meaningful and beautiful expression. Therefore, its teaching is focused on communication, both on understanding the language system, but also on its adequate use in various situations. In his free time, she devotes herself to philosophy, history and travel. Her great support and joy is her family, and she has one daughter who studies elementary school.

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