Matylda Sloupová

Matylda graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University - primary school with a focus on music education. She furthered her education at the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (CTU) in the field of Methodology for English Language Teachers. Matylda gained extensive teaching experience at various state schools, worked in a small community school and in a state language school. She lived in America for a year before maternity leave. For the last five years she has worked at an international school, where, in addition to the Czech language and homeland studies, she also taught Czech to foreigners. During her teaching practice, she completed a number of extension courses for teachers: Creative School - Activity Learning, Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking, Methodology for Effective Involvement of Interactive Whiteboards in Teaching, Mathematical Environment of Stepping and Stairs. Matylda likes to play the guitar and sing as part of her teaching, she enjoys working with children and it fulfills her. She likes to live family and active life, she has a husband who cooks well, two children, a dog and a parrot. She skis in the winter, she is a school skiing instructor, she rides a bike in the summer, but she always finds time for a good book. Matylda's interests also include culture and travel and, last but not least, Jára Cimrman.

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