Preschool – free time

The afternoon club is a place with secure school environment for active recreation of a child after classes. Under the guidance of educators, which are mostly native speakers of English, our children develop their skills, abilities, and knowledge in the areas of aesthetics, sports, relaxation and coexistence of humans and nature in English. Children learn to cooperate and communicate in groups, to respect the work and achievements of others, and one’s own. Thanks to the program, children are encouraged to think logically and creatively, while being independent.

The afternoon club offers a wide range of leisure activities including sports, art, dance and educational activities that provide ordinary and extraordinary experiences, entertainment, inspiration, creativity, self-realization, further education but also active recreation. Mentioned activities extend the productive use of leisure time and generally prevent our kids from socially pathological phenomena.

We offer the following extracurricular activities to our students:

  • Swimming - the training takes places under the expert guidance of swimming coaches. Lesson lasts 45 minutes and is led in a playful way. Children gain the first swimming experience, learn the orientation in the water and, subsequently, advance their swimming skills. The most essential method used in children’s training is the motivation of any physical activity. Swimming is extremely beneficial for a child’s organism.
  • Ceramics - develops our children’s aesthetic perception of the world, imagination, creativity, manual dexterity, focus, talents and desire to create. Children enjoy using a variety of art techniques with natural and unusual materials. Kids will have joint projects and space for their own artistic expression.
  • Golf (basics) - course is led by an experienced golf instructor. Children learn the foundations of this modern sport through fun exercises. During the practice, children use almost every muscle group, which has a positive impact on development of the child’s motor skills. Golf fosters patience, precision, coordination, and concentration. The equipment is loaned to children.
  • Sports:
    • option A: athletic preparation, sports versatility, horse riding.
      Sports club focuses on developing motor skills and improving physical condition, agility, metal composure, and confidence. We put emphasis on sports for health improvement. Children will be guided by experienced instructors in the mentioned activities.
    • Option B: horse riding.
      Horse riding improves physical condition and motor skills, while gaining agility, psychological balance and confidence.
  • Flute/Music - whistling for health and joy! The flute is the easiest musical instrument to learn for children. It has a positive effect on the health of the respiratory system and motor skills. The flute is an ideal basic musical instrument, which can be substituted by another tool later on.
  • Piano/Music - according to the modern research, the ideal time to be introduced to the music is at three years of age. The most sensitive stage of the hearing never repeats after this age. A musical ear and capabilities are efficiently discovered and developed directly from the play on piano. Children playfully learn the options of musical instruments and reproduce the motives from their favorite fairy tales, while learning new music. Recitation, rhythm training and movement education are also included in the lesson. It develops physical sensations necessary for playing the piano. The brain adapts and opens the information required from it, which allows the children with musical practice to be more successful at other subjects in school.
  • Modern dance (basics) - children will develop their motor skills and healthy posture in a playful and spontaneous way. When teaching choreography, we stress the attention on a proper posture, gracefulness of movement, physical memory, and entertaining dancing lessons.
  • Little scientist - children will do the experiments and observe the nature. They will also grow plants, create herbals and will participate in other fascinating activities.

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