Do you consider a system, which requires children to memorize plenty of information, to be ineffective and rather unproductive?


There is no doubt that the current curriculum of many educational facilities is not catching up with the progress of today’s world.

Yet we all know that the best way to learn involves modeling real-life situations, applying practical and sensory perception.

Old days, when the students were learning hundreds of pages by heart are gone forever.

Don’t you think that the role of men in society has completely changed due to the rapid development of information and communication technology, and the original form of study is now quite outdated?

Do you wish to not only develop your child’s awareness, but to also improve his overall personality and creativity?

Imagine a school, where:

  • Students work in small groups so they are given an individual approach and are also supported in cultivating their critical thinking with the ability to effectively solve various problems and to overcome challenges. Students have the opportunity to find their strengths and to proceed with its improvement, while they may try themselves in different roles of teamwork.
  • Students are also encouraged to develop their own autonomy, business sense, and incentives to take the initiative. Confident, self-sufficient and self-functioning individual is the desired outcome of our teaching.
  • The curriculum supports the development of writing and presentation skills, as the studies are focused on doing projects and solving specific problems. Students are in charge of both short- and long-term projects, which help them improve in terms of management and execution. The ability of attractively and confidently presenting the project is one of the activities that we specialize in.
  • The teacher is not the one who is trying to force the entire group of students to learn the material rigorously. The teacher is a guide to education, who is directing each student considering his/her capabilities and skills. Furthermore, teacher motivates his students to overcome any challenges or pitfalls throughout the studies and helps them achieve their personal goals. The aim is to reach the highest standard possible.
  • The parents of students are taken as our partners. The school provides support to students’ parents and gives them tips on how to develop their children’s personalities and how to prepare them for the school.
  • Students will get a high quality education in both the Czech and the British curriculum. As the only school in the Czech Republic, we provide the full value education in both languages and, therefore, open the doors for our graduates to any foreign universities, including the top ones.

Imagine a school, where:


...Do you want your child to not only communicate bilingually, but to also be capable of making decisions bilingually, while being an active member of a global society?


...Do you wish to better prepare your kid for the life after school?


...Do you see your grown-up getting accepted to the top universities in the Czech Republic or abroad?

Who is our program intended for?

We are talking of a long-term high school and it is, therefore, intended for children aged from 11 to 18 years of age.

Tuition is organized in the form of the eight-year study, which starts from the sixth grade of primary school and ends by completing the last year of secondary education.

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