Elementary school – Free time

The afternoon club is a place with secure school environment for active recreation of a child after classes. Under the guidance of educators, which are mostly native speakers of English, our children develop their skills, abilities, and knowledge in the areas of aesthetics, sports, relaxation and coexistence of humans and nature in English. Children learn to cooperate and communicate in groups, to respect the work and achievements of others. Thanks to the program, children are encouraged to think logically and creatively, while being independent.

The afternoon club offers a wide range of leisure activities including sports, art, dance and educational activities that provide ordinary and extraordinary experiences, entertainment, inspiration, creativity, self-realization, further education but also active recreation. Mentioned activities extend the productive use of leisure time and generally prevent our kids from socially pathological phenomena.

We offer the following extracurricular activities to our students:

  • Board games and logical thinking: puzzles, board games, psychological, mathematical, strategy games.
  • Drama and theater: drama education gives a positive effect in all aspects of children’s personality. It improves the child’s serenity, confidence, proper pronunciation, playfulness, and inventiveness. Children will move towards joint performances in the theater by practicing natural improvisation, dramatic exercises and etudes, cheerful rhymes, movement and lots of other creative activities.

Athletic club:

  • golf, skating, track & field, hockey: enhancement of physical condition and motor skills; improving agility, cultivating mental balance and self-confidence; learning and improving individual sports skills.


  • keyboard: learning to play the keyboard; basic music theory; development of musical feeling and hearing.
  • guitar and popular singing: guitar lessons, basic music theory; development of musical feeling and hearing. Popular singing: vocal and breathing technique, introduction to the popular singing.

Modern dance: at the modern dance lessons children will not only dance, but stretch, work out and learn to perceive music in accordance with the motion. Subsequently, they will learn a countless amount of dancing variations, which will help to improve the child’s physical condition and natural coordination of the body.

German language: learning the basics of the German language, vocabulary, grammar and cultural studies.

The young biologist: simple experiments, observations of the nature; growing plants and creating a herbarium.

Czech language: learning the basics of Czech as a foreign language; vocabulary, grammar, and cultural studies.

Art studio: developing the aesthetic perception of the world along with imagination, creativity, manual dexterity, concentration, etc. This class supports the child’s individual creative expression with the use of natural and unusual materials. Children will participate in joint projects and will have space for their own artistic expression.

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