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Our students do not translate professionally, but achieve bilingual communication skills.

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At all levels of education provided by Beehive School (a member of the MŠMT register), we respond to a high interest of parents in an intensive English language training, which thus becomes the main tool for communication, problem solving and play. At its very foundations, Beehive School draws on the British curriculum. We then add to this core the local Czech curriculum, combining the two in a unique programme that is unparalleled in the Czech Republic. This modern programme opens doors for our students to the whole world of international educational institutions.

The elementary level of education corresponds conceptually to the school education program of our elementary school, 'Beehive – Taking a Flight Around the World'.

Our school provides bilingual education with the emphasis on meaningful learning that kids enjoy. Children acquire knowledge and skills not only through the studies, but also in everyday situations. They also obtain an open attitude towards foreign culture and language, which then becomes natural for our kids.

We are honored to have students from all over the world, thereby creating a multicultural environment, which contributes to the overall perception of the world around us and to the natural communication in a foreign language.

“Each child is treated by his personal best…”
- the founder of Beehive School

  • The school environment is very open and friendly. Our students are encouraged and motivated to learn. We include the most modern methods of teaching built upon the current didactic principles “From Reading and Writing to Critical Thinking”. Beehive pupils leave the school, knowing that education makes sense to them and brings them enjoyment.
  • Our staff members are well aware that teamwork is an essential tool for reaching one’s own personal best and, therefore, our school teachers and students make a great team! The greatest pleasure for us is to leave the best memories in our kids’ hearts and to provide them with unique experiences during their studies.
Beehive School

Imagine an elementary school where:

Beehive School

...Vaše dítě bylo schopno nejen komunikovat bilingvně, ale umět se bilingvně i rozhodovat a být aktivním členem globální společnosti?

Beehive School

...bylo Vaše dítě lépe připravené pro život, který začíná poté, co opustí lavice škol?

Beehive School

...bylo Vaše dítě připravené na studium na předních českých a zahraničních školách?

Who is our elementary school aimed for?

Elementary school at Beehive School is intended for children aged from 5 to 11 years.

Teaching is organized in two varied degree programs including bilingual and international program.

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