Elementary school – School uniforms

Wearing school uniform is mandatory at Beehive School. Based on our own experience, we tend to believe that school uniforms increase the sense of responsibility and belonging to a particular school. It also teaches children a culture of dressing, brings equality to the classroom and raises the prestige of the school. In other words, uniforms help to blur social differences among the students. School uniform makes children recognize an unfiltered personality of classmates and evaluate them according to their deeds rather than the appearance. Moreover, each student wearing a school uniform starts from the same position and is, therefore, motivated to gain confidence.

School uniforms also ensure safety while on field trips or excursions.

School uniforms even eliminate the everyday struggle over decision on how to dress in the morning.

Given the fact that children will be wearing school uniforms on a daily basis, it is important for us to make them comfortable. The material used for manufacture of our uniforms is cozy and allows freedom of movement.

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