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As far as Beehive, I appreciate the atmosphere and the children like the school.

(dcera: Emma – Year 4, syn: William – Year 5) Paulina

The teaching philosophy is very important to me and Karolina likes to go to school.

(dcera: Karolina – Year 5) Alexandra

Beehive is a family type of school and I appreciate the multicultural environment, practicality, nice uniforms, safety and extracurricular activities. My daughter loves the school as well as her teachers and friends, while she loves going there.

(dcera: Mája – Year 5) Martina

Immediately after the lesson, the teachers record what was taught in the student diary during the class and the assignments for the next few days. This helps a lot with preparing our granddaughter as she often forgets to make a note of the assignments.

(vnučka: Klára – Year 5) Jaroslava

I appreciate the quality of teaching and its results (quality of teachers, price performance ratio), projects involving various classes, elimination of bullying, multicultural environment and the great impact of "permanent" foreign language learning, extracurricular activities and clubs. There is usually great communication with the parents and last but not least, the beautiful environment in the classrooms as well as the entire school in addition to gluten-free food (which is important for us).

(syn: Oliver – Year 3) Hana

A good level of education with quite strict discipline, but with the opportunity to the creation. My child feels relaxed and comfortable at Beehive.

(dcera: Daria – Year 3) Maria

I appreciate Beehive's way of teaching, their methodology and approach to children. We like the individual approach to children, emphasis on independence, opportunities to be creative, alternative elaboration/discussion of curriculum, promoting responsibility, etc.

(syn: Matúš – Year 4) Beata

I like the nice atmosphere and communication with the management of the Beehive school.

(dcera: Johanka – Year 3) Nikola

There is an excellent connection of Czech and English lessons, individual approach to students, the children like to learn.

(syn: Adam – Year 7) Eva

The individual approach to the children is excellent. There is an optimal number of children in the classrooms, while it has an excellent interconnection between its Czech and English lessons. The location suits us as well.

(syn: Ondra – Year 4) Ladislava

The Beehive School is a very good school when it comes to English teaching and the attitude of English-speaking teachers - it is amazing how the teachers (Megan, Will and Kurt) approach the students.

I quite like the fact that all teachers use different forms of experience-based learning, which is very positive for children because it doesn’t get boring and annoying for them.

All of the teachers are very nice and polite in person.

I also appreciate the number of educational school trips organized by the school.

Finally, I would like to highlight the work of the math teacher (David), my son has never been as enthusiastic about math as he is now.

(syn: Tomáš – Year 4) Ladislava

I especially appreciate the personal approach and the great commitment of the entire teaching team.

(syn: Matyáš – Year 4) Veronika

Hello Mr. Windsor, I would like to thank you for yesterday morning. It had a very positive impact on Matuška. Until the evening, he spoke enthusiastically about what he had experienced at school and about the assignments he had done. Even if he does not make it among the 12 selected, yesterday was very important for us. It gave the little boy back the confidence and desire to go to school.

And the suitcase made him happier than any of the other Christmas gifts :)

It was the perfect choice for a gift!

Thank you again and have a nice day!


Our granddaughter enrolled at the Beehive school when she was in the fourth grade. Naturally, we expected that going from a public school with standard language learning to a school where half of the subjects are taught in English would be difficult for her and for us. We were also a little worried whether or not she would even manage to catch up with her classmates. However, the teachers' approach to her with all their help, the school’s atmosphere and the quality of teaching soon dispelled our concerns.

Thanks to the limited number of students in the classroom, the teachers address the children individually and if necessary, reflect their current skills and knowledge. When necessary, the teachers use different teaching materials for some children and adjust the requirements for their home preparation so that a child who is falling behind does not feel "lost". If a teacher sees that a child is trying hard, they support the child and appreciate the acquired knowledge in every way possible which further motivates the learning process.

The children respect the teachers but the relationship between the children and teachers is friendly as the teachers respect the individuality of each child. It is nice to see that the teachers treat children as partners and try to understand them. Any misunderstandings and problems are solved immediately, either directly with the child, with a group of children or with the help of parents. Communication between the parents and school takes place whenever needed, mostly by e-mail. The teachers send messages to parents and reply without delay. Their approach is not to complain about the child but to promptly find the right solution acceptable for everyone involved. Parents are thus informed about how their child is doing at school not only through their grades but also through this communication. Children are evaluated every quarter as they receive both grades and a detailed written report, in which the teachers of each subject point out their weaknesses and highlight the student's achievements. Parents' meetings in the usual sense do not take place. In Beehive, the teachers meet with the parents in the presence of their child and talk about what has been achieved and where more effort is needed.

I also like the parents' meetings where the child is present. However, the time (15 min) is sometimes too short for the parents to recall everything they wanted to address and ask.

The teaching materials used in the school (Fraus) teach children to think independently and logically as well as find creative solutions to tasks and problems. Teaching at school takes place not only by speaking but also employs modern teaching methods such as video, internet resources, software, tablets, etc. Children work on projects related to the class, which are then individually presented to the class using modern presentation methods. Although the school encourages independence in the children, they also solve a number of tasks in groups in order to teach them cooperation.

I quite appreciate the fact that the activities that the school and students undertake to make school more interesting for the children. This helps bring the children closer together while they get to know the children in an environment outside of school, be it theatre plays performed by the children, sleepovers at school or teaching the children about a healthy diet through the preparation of such food by the children themselves, etc.

I absolutely understand why our granddaughter likes the school, why she enjoys her time there, why she always looks forward to going to school and why she does not fall behind despite her initial handicap.

(vnučka: Klárka - Year 5) Jaroslava

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