Our team

Students are only as good as those who teach them. At Beehive School we place a great deal of emphasis on having qualified and dynamic native English speaking teachers, who have vast amounts of experience through years of teaching in their own country and other international schools abroad. Our staff is aware that teamwork is a vital tool in ensuring the best possible outcome for all their students and both our national and international staff work closely together to achieve this goal. We provide ongoing training and course days for all our staff, so that they may better themselves and provide a superior learning experience for students.

Ondřej LepkaDirector of the JK Education School Network

Šarka OchmanováHead of school

Carly McCannDeputy Director of English Studies, Math Teacher - Secondary

Kristýna PřibylováSchool psychologist

Matylda SloupováHead Teacher, Year 4 Class Teacher

Hannah Grace DeliaHead Teacher, Class Teacher International Year 2

Petra MadarászováHead Teacher, Year 1 Czech Teacher

Monika KoubováYear 2 Class Teacher

Stanislava StaškováYear 3 Class Teacher

Purva Sawant-VarleyYear 3 International Class Teacher

Haley SpencerYear 4 English Teacher

Petra BicanováYear 4 International Class Teacher, Music teacher for Y4 - Y10

Harol Garcia SanchezYear 4 International Class Teacher, Spanish Teacher for Y4-Y6

Pavel SmetanaChemie Teacher for Secondary

Petr ČížekYear 5 Class Teacher, IT Teacher

Lindsey EideYear 5&6 International Class Teacher

Veronika IvánkováYear 6 Class Teacher

Elishka JosipovicPhysical Education Teacher

Nikolina VukovičováYear 7&8 class Teacher, Spanish Teacher for Y7-Y10

Yael SchoultzYear 7&8 International Class Teacher, English Teacher for Secondary

Ivana HurytováYear 9&10 Class Teacher, Czech Language Teacher for Secondary

Nicolas RussoYear 10 International Class Teacher, Science and Geography Teacher for Secondary

Ivo ProkopMath Teacher for Y9 - Y10

Anežka BendováMath Teacher for Y7-Y8, Physics Teacher for Y8-Y10

Timothy BurgiInternational Maths Teacher for Y5-Y10

Kateřina PivkováArt teacher

Annette Kaaya NamutebiPre-Nursery Teacher

Pavlína TomešováCzech for foreigners Teacher

Barbora BrožováAfternoon School Club Teacher, School chef

Nina JovanovićAfternoon School Club Teacher, Head of Uniforms

Julia BludyskoPreschool chef

Petr StratilMaintenance

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