Khadija Ibrahim

Nine years ago, Khadija relocated to the Czech Republic in pursuit of her advanced education. Holding a Master's degree in teaching English as a second language, she has been teaching the English language and other subjects in English for nine years. Throughout this time, she taught diverse age groups in three countries: Yemen, Jordan, and the Czech Republic. Prior to joining Beehive, Khadija dedicated six years to teaching at a private primary school in Pardubice. She also holds a TEFL certification from SPEVACEK language school, where she maintains a part-time teaching position. Khadija's teaching philosophy is rooted in learning by doing. Her teaching style embraces the saying, "Teach me and I forget, show me and I remember, engage me and I learn." Outside of her professional endeavors, Khadija maintains an enthusiasm for learning new things. She finds delight in activities such as dancing, cultural events, nature, photography, and travelling.

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