Stanislava Stašková

Stanislava graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University with a degree in primary school education. In her further studies, she also completed coures in special pedagogy (special education) with a focus in speech therapy. She gained experience with children while working for many years at an elementary school. While there, she focused mainly on children with specific needs and learning to work patiently with these students. Within her work on correcting speech and maximizing attention spans, Stanislava considers traditional methodology as well as relaxation techniques and alternative methods. Stanislava studied English abroad and worked in Australia, where she applied her language skills and also earned citizenship. She has family there, whom she regularly visits. Spending time with children, who return her joy with their smiles, is one of her favorite things to do. Stanislava also plays the piano, likes to create art from different materials and enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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