Teambuilding 2019

Students from Year 1 to Year 10 classes took part in a variety of activities related to building a team and working together. Students conquered their fears in the ropes course, worked together to compete in relay games, rode scooters, played disc golf, and took part in archery, tubing, swimming, and many other activities. It was a busy and fun week for all! 

Students in Year 10 class also acted as mentors to the new "secondary bees" in Year 7 class. They prepared a coronation ceremony where they crowned all the new secondary students. Students in Year 6 class did the same for the Year 2 students, giving them handmade medals and promising cooperation and support throughout the school year. Finally, on the last day, students in all classes were put in mixed groups (Year 1 to Year 10) and completed many activities together. Everyone at Beehive is a valuable member of the team and we all support each other. 

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