Harol Garcia Sanchez

Harol graduated with a degree in English language teaching in Pereira, Colombia. He worked as a teacher/facilitator/counselor/Junior staff Director for 5 summers at a residential summer camp in the United States. He has been dedicated to teaching for over 6 years already. He has experience teaching young kids, teenagers and adults. Harol just moved to Czech Republic from China where he spent 1 year teaching at a Language institution. Harol believes that as a teacher you can impact someone else's life, and that is great motivation to get up every day to plan your classes and give your best at every lesson. In his classes Harol considers himself a guide and always gives students a chance to practice focusing on a communicative approach. Harol believes it is important to know the learner's needs and learning styles in order to create an effective learning environment. He thinks that what makes a great teacher is the ability to develop a positive relationship with the students. Harol is currently studying at Instituto Cervantes in order to become an ELE educator and DELE examiner. In his free time Harol enjoys traveling, running, and likes photography.

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