Harol Garcia Sanchez

Harol is a passionate educator with a global perspective who teaches English and Spanish. Harol is a native of Colombia and holds a bachelor's degree in English Language Teaching. His career as a teacher began in the US, where he worked as a sports instructor and ropes course instructor for five summers. Later, he progressed to the position of Junior Staff Director and trained young people in camp counseling. Harol also worked in both public and private schools in Colombia before moving to China, where he spent a year teaching English as part of his search for global experience. Since 2020, Harol has been a member of the Beehive family, where he hopes to continue to impact students through both English and Spanish classes. Beyond the classroom, he's an adventurous road tripper, whether on his motorcycle or with friends in a car. He relishes quality time with loved ones when they have the chance to come visit him in Prague. Harol is very excited to share his passion for languages and cultures, as well as his commitment to creating inclusive learning environments, with all of the Beehive kids.

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