Martin Fišer

Martin was born in Moravia, but has lived in Prague since 1989. He graduated from the Jiří Wolker High School where there are very strict science teachers. Then, Martin worked as an illustrator of youth publications. Thanks to this, he acquired a Master of Arts, subsequently gaining experience in schools across the Czech school system. He taught at the primary, secondary and university levels. Along with art and humanities, he taught English, translated from it, but also translated from French and Polish, among other things. He wrote and still writes for Czech periodicals. Because of his university teacher Miloslav Jágr, he has a sincere relationship with children's literature and film. And for this connection, he orients himself in Czech and foreign culture, especially world cinematography, which he uses in teaching. In addition to sightseeing trips around Europe, he gained experience during post-graduate experiences in Great Britain and France. However, he prefers Anglophone countries. He also used his language skills - in the world of advertising, when he worked in an international creative team for the Czech Škoda Auto in Prague in the first years of the new millennium. From there, he has lasting friendships with colleagues from Germany, England, and now the USA. Martin also led creative teams in the Czech Republic. He still has projects that educationally have the potential to supplement the interests of the Beehive family, of which Martin has only recently become a member. One of his long-term projects is the creation of a socially oriented encyclopedia for young people, which aims to connect and inform about various fields in the form of games - in cinematography, in culture, but also, for example, in science and politics. Martin likes modern music, and quality literature. Martin admires Prague for its present, but also for its history. He knows that his foreign colleagues appreciate it and he has been a guide for important guests many times. Every year, Martin spends some vacation time in the Beskydy Mountains with his family, so he likes to share with everyone his awareness of the beauty of our entire homeland. Thanks to his meeting with them, Martin sees the children at Beehive as generally culturally-oriented friendly personalities in the future, to whom he tried to present the world in openness and with the gain of abilities for their full positive application.

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